Pixel & Pine Family Investment



Aspen is my family mini, this session is good for small children since for the most part they cannot stay up late or cooperate for long periods of time! Aspen is 20 minutes long and you will receive 7-10 edited images with your session.



Willow is great for bigger families who want more time and more images given with your session. Willow usually lasts 45 minutes to one hour and is taken at golden hour. This session is good for up to 6 family members and you will receive 25 edited images with your session!



Sugar Pine is my all-inclusive package. With this package you will receive an adventure of unlimited time to capture your beautiful family. This package can be used for extended family shoots or for just a family who would love to capture every little detail while having fun with me. You will receive 50+ edited images and $50 off a future shoot with me. Pictures for the Sugar Pine Package are usually taken around Golden hour.

Below is an example of a Willow Session with me!

These images were taken 30-45 minutes before sunset!